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Our Amazing Team

We are proudly a specialist business with dedicated, service providers. Established only this year but with IT knowledge spanning over 30 years, delivering this experience to our clients

Mark Northcott


IT Technicians


We currently have one technician and we like it like that. This lets us give more personal one-on-one service



40 years of education and experience in the IT industry



We have serviced customers in 4 continents.

Jobs Completed


200 different tasks for clients actioned and completed since July 2019

Our Culture

We are a small specialised team with extensive years of experience in the industry. We offer the full scope of IT services and support that are essential to the running of effective Small business-es.

We never balk at a task and always look at any job as an opportunity to learn, improve and deliver a task successfully. We understand that problems may occur, but we don't run for the hills or blame it on Microsoft, we stay with you, take ownership and find a solution no matter what. It's what we do, and it's why we are respected and trusted.

Whatever Service we provide, we own the task and will do our best to deliver solution to you.

We offer wide-ranging IT services and can provide comprehensive, tailored solutions to suit our clients' needs.

We strive for excellence and have a proven record of providing a high level of service and con-ducting our business in a professional manner whilst offering very reasonable, competitive rates.

You will always deal directly with a qualified operations team member whom are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Promise

We will take the stress out of the delivery of your IT services and support. From point of contact, we will listen to you, understand your business needs, do all the research to find the best possible solutions, and finally propose and provide IT solutions bespoke for you.

We are committed to providing you this high-level of professional service.

Mark Northcott
Director/IT Manager

Located in Adelaide as well as Canberra.

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Accreditations, Commendations and Memberships

Accreditation and Membership held by our company and members, showing we are serious about demonstrating the best standards and professional attitudes.

We provide IT service and Support to small business in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney